samedi 23 février 2013

This healing power enters the movement of every living cell and every drop of blood.It carries the power perfect, complete and unlimited, which are real, active and ongoing.It takes up the organs, blood vessels and all body parts. When the life force of the body decreases, the anatomical relationships of the organs of the body are altered and disrupted, causing pain, organ dysfunction and complete deterioration of health.
our method distributes the energy throughout the body and becomes the primary life force that regulates all activities and processes of the body. The life force stimulates not only the body but also gives him his identity. As the atom is defined from its electrons, protons and neutrons - which are also components of the energy-saving power also gives energy and identity genes, cells and the physical body.This healing power is comparable to a waterfall, which when channeled properly, brings strength, life, vitality, and total cure.When a body begins to heal, the other organs use the released energy to activate and distribute their own energy, which in turn promotes physiological balance, relief from pain and healthy.Doctors and scientists know this healing power of life and immense, but their specialty is the analysis of its support, the physical body. This is why scientists scrutinize the outer body and invent procedures and techniques to keep the body in homeostasis, struggling to keep up this life force and health essential in the body and allow pain-free.And this is where the originality of our method,In what we call the doctors and scientists analyze the results generated beneficial to patients. This is the definitive cure of cancer which is the absolute control.An approach to the relief of pain and healing, will greatly help the development of modern medicine.We hope to attract the attention of the medical community on this approach and science of healing.

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